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2020 Harvest Update!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Ciao Tutti!

Ahhh finally a chance to take a breath and rest our olive picking hands. After three long weeks of harvesting and pressing, our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is done and settling in large vats as we prepare to bottle and export to the US. This is cause for a celebration, so we figured we would spread the good news and update you about some exciting things happening with Vitaleone

Harvest 2020 Blog & Video Coming Soon!

On October 16th, Jonny, Debbie and the family started the 2020 harvest and finished picking and pressing over the following three weeks. We are currently preparing a blog and video of the 2020 harvest and a “how-to-guide” on how our EVOO is made. Follow all of our social networks, our blog, and our email newsletter to read and watch this year’s harvest.


Other Exciting Things Coming!

Although we have been focusing on the olive oil harvest the last month or so, we realized there is so much more that Sicily has to offer! We have been working on partnering with local Sicilian artisans, farms, and producers to bring other amazing Italian food and cooking products to you. Without spoiling the surprise, there will be amazing complimentary food products, recipes, and gifts that you will be able to share with your families. Just to entice your sweet tooth, we have been working to bring an Italian Christmas classic, called Panettone, to your table. Look out for our blog on the delicious Panettone to understand what it is, how its’ made and when you can expect it on our shelves!


New Shopping Experience

We believe that providing an amazing buying experience to our family of customers is almost as important as providing the best quality olive oil, which is why we have been developing a new, state-of-the art eCommerce platform. Our goal was to build a strong foundation to carry out our ultimate goal, which is to bring amazing Italian products and information to your kitchens as easy and fast as possible. We have been building a system that allows for quick shopping, subscriptions, sending gifts and most importantly, to learn about quality products that promote healthy and flavorful eating. We are excited to launch this platform within a few weeks alongside our pre-sale.


Pre-orders and Shipping Information

We first want to thank all of you who have purchased bottles from us, your support means everything. We wanted to update you as it might have not been clear on the website when you purchased. We will be bottling at the beginning of December and are hopeful that the olive oil will be landing by the end of the year. We also are planning on shipping some cases via air to get the pre-orders filled before next year. We will update you as bottling happens and we know more details. We left the pre-order open but please understand that you won’t be receiving your order until the New Year. We were hoping to have it before Christmas but our unfiltered EVOO requires it to sit for a month to let the sediment settle. You can learn more about the process in the Harvest 2020 blog coming soon. If you have any questions regarding a past order, please email us at

Grazie Mille From Our Family To Yours


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